Re: Spectrum choice streaming quality

It's interesting that all other streaming apps work fine except the Spectrum app. I have the same issue. Netflix has great audio quality and the video is not choppy. With the spectrum TV app it is choppy often and the audio is never as clear or robust as what I experience on other streaming apps. This is the same with all of my devices. It is the same if I am hard wired or using wifi.

Re: Spectrum choice streaming quality

Just for all the posters here. It IS the TV. 


I eliminated WiFi, hardwiring my TV with a USB dongle, same issue.


I have a newer TCL TV running a newer firmware 5' away that works fine with Spectrum. I ended up just using a Roku streaming stick on my TCL TV versus the embedded Roku.  The stick works perfectly.


This is something to do with TCL, Roku and firmware 8.1.0 4140