Spectrum app freezes on Roku

I start the app and it works for about 3-5 seconds then freezes.
I have a great signal.
Other apps work fine.
I’ve tried to delete and reinstall.

I have this app on another roku and it’s working fine

Any help??

App freezes on all Roku devices

Like the subject says, the app freezes on every Roku in the house. Roku TV, stick, box, doesn’t matter. Remove, re-install, doesn’t matter. Now I just got a RVP-999 error. Streaming works on every other app, Internet speed is over 100 mbps. It’s been this way for a week. Not happy.


Re: App freezes on all Roku devices

Don't use their steaming service anymore, but recall some older designs started having issues with newer versions of apps. Was not isolated to Spectrum. For example, DTVN got in hot water because the sticks they gave away in a promotion started crashing after an update later that same year. Appeared to be tied into the lower amount of memory and/or the chipsets in play. Stick+ (3810) and higher/newer models seemed to be just fine once they got updated.

Which model numbers and versions of Roku OS do you have?

Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

Still freezing after a few seconds of working. Then I get this code “RLP-1999”

The app is working just fine on the other roku I have

Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

What model number roku's are you using?

Some of the older designs with less memory and such have issues witt the newer apps. Not specific to Spectrum... has occurred with other streaming services as well.

Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

It says model 3930X express

Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

Same problem.  I have 5 Roku devics (Premiere, 3 Streaming Stick+, TCL TV) that all behave the same way.  Started last Thrursday.  Streaming would start, then after few secounds stop.  Change the channel and the same thing happens.  

Did the obvious things like robot router, reset devices, reinstall app...nothing,  Called Spectrum and did all the previous steps a second time.  Nothing. All other streaming apps work fine.  Wifi is well over 100 mps.  Streaming on iphone and ipad is fine.

Spectrum help said they would "log it"


Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

I was working fine for months

Now it “may be a modem issue”

I have 2 roku express- 1 works fine. Other does this
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Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

I am not able to find that model 3930x on the list but sounds like that is 3rd generation or newer. 


This model can not be hardwired to the router or modem correct? 


I do see that we have a known issue involving the 5000x crashing, a powercycle is said to resolve that. I am not seeing anything specific to that model in our information.


I would ask that you PM us at Forums_help so that we can submit this for further review.





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Re: Spectrum app freezes on Roku

@Julia_R, @Scanman

The 3930 Express models only have 512mb of memory in them.

Ran into this issue about a year ago with DTVN (since rebranded to AT&T TV or something). A newer version of their app was NOT playing nice with the 512mb/256mb designs (often implemented in the TV's also). The higher tier designs with 1GB of memory worked fine (3810 Stick+, 3920/3921 Premiers, 46xx series Ultras).

Might be along the same line of issues again.

Link to a wiki features comparison: