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Spectrum Choice

I am so frustrated with Spectrum Choice. Frequently, while in the middle of a show, all of a sudden the screen will go black and I get a message, sorry, something has gone wrong. Try again later. This is unacceptable!!! Frequently, if I go back to the channel, I'll get a message that I can start over with the show on demand. Also unacceptable. If I am 2/3 of the way through a show, I don't want to start at the beginning with no way to fast forward to where I left off.  What is going on? Is it that the internet is operating too slowly to stream the program?  Sometimes I will be able to get back into the show but the image looks like  a poor digital photo with low resolution. It is not acceptable to have to pay for service that doesn't work half the time. 

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Re: Spectrum Choice

Internet connection may very well be the issue. Do you have the same issue on 

other devices?


If you would like to post a bit more information about your connection we can 

see what is going on. 


Julia R.
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