Spectrum App on Roku

Especially around the hour of 8 o'clock pm, the Spectrum app doesn't work properly with our Roku.  Constantly have problems since Spectrum took over.  Had TWC and never had so many problems.  Is Spectrum trying to have customers purchase their product?  

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Re: Spectrum App on Roku

Good morning.


What issues are you having? Are you seeing error messages? 


What make is your Roku? Do you have problems on other devices as well

or just the Roku? Is the Roku hardwired or connecting wirelessly.


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Re: Spectrum App on Roku

I have the same issues just about  daily at 8PM.    Spectrum is completely unreliable.

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Spectrum app is AWFUL

Every time I try to watch tv on the spectrum TV app on my Xbox it will cut out every 15 minutes or so and give me an error code. Then after 5 to 10 minutes of constantly resetting the app and turning off my Xbox it finally comes back on. Only to give me an error again a couple minutes later. Sometimes it just flat out won’t work all together no matter how many times I try to reconnect. FIX YOUR APP SPECTRUM

Re: Spectrum App on Roku

I am constantly getting the Error RLP-1035 and I cannot find anyone that can tell me what is causing this.  In addition, one station is never displayed. Help!!! I am using the Roku 4660R and ethernet, NOT wireless