Re: Can't get into Roku app - says to onnect to Spectrum Internet RLC-1000

Still broken.
Spectrum is giving Frontier a run for their money, at lousy service!

Re: Can't get into Roku app - says to onnect to Spectrum Internet

Not resolved

Spectrum App Lost 3 days ago

I am really tired of SPectrum not taking responsibility for fixing this problem...after going through Spectrum tech help, they passed me to another Spectrum division that turned out to be the wrong one for the technical assistance.  Finally told it wasnt Spectrum issue because I did have the internet and because i had my own Netgear box and Roku, i had to call them.

I spent more than 4  hours last night with a foreign tech 'expert' for Netgear that wouldnt help me unless i signed up for  $165 plan for 1 year Netgear assistance. I finally hung up on her.  I went on Roku and found I could look at numerous other channels that stream.

I am so sick of Time warner/spectrum, if there was another provider, i would switch.

Spectrum people you need to know your job, and at the very least tell us, the customers, that it is your problem...all your tech help needs to know this immediately, and also inform customers that they still have the other streaming apps on Roku at the very least.

Spectrum also should email, text or otherwise let customers know they have lost Spectrum streaming immediately, so we dont have to call in the problem.....SPectrum should also let us know when system problems are fixed.

I am sick and tired of continually entering and reentering my username and password, like it had changed withing the last 10 seconds i entered it and got th error RLC-1000....What is up with that?  Change this....................................................................


Re: Can't get into Roku app - says to onnect to Spectrum Internet RLC-1000

I agree. I didn't think it was possible, but Spectrum is actually worse than Time Warner. I was hoping to see improvements following the merger, but I have had more technical problems than ever.


Re: Spectrum App error code RGE-1001 when opening with Roku

I had the same error and finally after exploring many solutions I figured out to make it work! Just follow the steps below:


1. Go to your Roku device and remove the Spectrum App

2. Call Spectrum customer service, hold for 15-60 minutes

3. Cancel Spectrum TV subscription

4. Sign up to one of the other alternative live streaming services (DirectTV NOW / Sling TV / PS Vue)

5. Enjoy a live streaming service that actually work!


Re: Spectrum App Lost 3 days ago

I too am getting the RLC-1000 error.  all other apps work on Roku.  I used the chat feature and "spoke" to a Spectrum rep yesterday and the person said the Roku issue is known, impacting many users and there is no ETA.   So where do we go from there?  Is there a site where we can check the status on their correcting this?  Or just keep attempting to log in and get the RLC-1000 error message?


Spectrum Application Outage And Management of Customer Expectations

Spectrum, You folks need to improve the management of customers’ expectations! 

You’ve identified an issue with the Spectrum Application on all platforms and now you need to let you customers know WHEN it MIGHT be fixed. Is it hours, days, weeks… etc.?

I just got off the phone with a Technician and she suggested it may take another 24 hours or so.  This helps me as well as other customers manage the time we spend attempting to see if it’s fixed.  She also said she would try and post the ETA along with any updates.  So in 24 hours I will check back in with the expectation that Spectrum will either have it fixed or they have posted an update to their ETA.  The worst thing they can do is continue not to manage their customers’ expectations! PLEASE help us help you by providing an ETA!  This will also take the burden off the call center by reducing the number of redundent calls! 

Please try harder!



Re: Can't get into Roku app - says to onnect to Spectrum Internet RLC-1000

Waiting for days to have spRectum to get their heads out of their butts to fix this RLC-1000 issue... just checked again and now I'm getting a new code RGE-1001. Googled it only to find out this new code problem is months old... seriously, get it together. Clearly you changed something in the app auth process... change it back until you know what you're doing. DAYS of down time is unacceptable, and marking this thread as SOLVED is only salt in the wound. Customer service 101.


Re: Can't get into Roku app - says to onnect to Spectrum Internet

This does not count as solved. Sad that Spectrum would mark it as resolved when this is still a major issue for most

Roku app still down. Try DircectTV/Sling

Your app has never been reliable but now it's completely down and the only answer we have is that it's a known problem. Fix it! Marking all the threads as solved is you just ignoring them. One of your selling point was the app. I'm not getting what I'm paying for! Will you provide refund for down time? Of course you won't. Direct TV and Sling both have free week trial, so I suggest people try these services out.