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Roku remote

Hello! Does anyone use roku as their cable box and have a compatible remote with numbers? It’s difficult scrolling through EVERY channel to get to the one you want to watch. The typical universal remote will not work with roku and there is no iPhone app. Thx!!

Re: Roku remote

Actually Roku does have an iPhone app, but it will not help you since it just mimics the regular remote. I don’t think Roku is set up to do what you want, meaning I don’t think you can use numbers to do things. Plus the Spectrum app just runs on the Roku platform and I don’t believe the Spectrum app on any platform lets you change channel by numbers either.

I do understand your frustration if you wish to go from channel 4 to channel 1000 by just scrolling. The Spectrum app on Roku will let you set up favorites and it will also let you see the last 10 or so channels visited. Both these options can speed up channel searching but they are not a perfect solution. The best I can tell you is you can voice your opinion to Spectrum and Roku about things they might implement in the future, but that might take years to happen.

Re: Roku remote

There is no direct channel number input method using the Spectrum TV app. As far as I know, this is true on all platforms. 


Yes there is a Spectrum TV iPhone app available in the app store. It also does not allow direct channel number input.


Re: Roku remote

Unfortunately, scrolling is the way the Rokus work in general... and it persists across multiple streaming services. Fortunately, most of their guides have a way to set favorites, or at least filter by recent channels and/or categories to pare down how much you have to scroll.

Another route you can take is to install and authenticate the standalone apps. Some are actually pretty convenient. Like the main Fox app (not FNC, Fox Now) has a live guide with all their available channels for your plan (FX and such, not just the local affiliate.)--it also offers start over on supported channels. The other major networks may not provide the local live stream (my NBC does, but not ABC), but they do offer current shows on demand within 24 or 48 hours of the episodes air date.

We basically don't watch a lot of "live" content now because of it... catch the crucial stuff live, catch up the others on a day off later in the week.