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Roku Ultra Spectrum TV guide Change

Why did you change the guide for your Spectrum TV app on the Roku Ultra? It blacks out, freezes and is very slow scrolling. The other Roku devices have the old Spectrum TV guide which is fast and have no problems. Please change the guide back to the old guide for the Roku Ultra.

Re: Roku Ultra Spectrum TV guide Change

I agree 100%. The new app for Roku is AWFUL, SLOWER AND GLITCHY. We have lost the brief preview description of the program. Now you have to change the channel to the program, and then click a down button to even see what the programming is about! The guide is MUCH slower than the old guide, and it very frequently "sticks" when scrolling which I'm convinced is related to having to display a picture for each channel. Those pictures are virtually worthless--it was much better having a summary of the program when you navigated to the channel in the guide.  The settings for "Favorites" don't always "stick".


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE return us to a version of the old app that was enormously more user-friendly, or at least put your programming team on an urgent project to correct these deficits.


These new changes were just to make it look more glitzy and the app lost enormous amounts of capability for that decision. The software was very likely  released without thorough testing, which would have very quickly revealed these deficits. All this has done is make your users even more annoyed with Spectrum!


Re: Roku Ultra Spectrum TV guide Change

Agree with the other comments - if the new Roku app is supposed to be an upgrade, there is absolutely nothing about it that is better.


Among the issues - as others have noted, guide is slow and unresponsive, and occasionally freezes up altogether.  Another irritating change is it no longer defaults to the last guide filter (I kept mine set to favorites, to avoid having to scroll through Music Choice, shopping channels, etc).  Along those same lines, there does not appear to even be a way to set/change favorites on the new app? 


There are also channels missing on the full guide (but same channels DO show up on the mini guide that can be accessed by the left arrow button).  Finally, it's now much more difficult to exit the app - previously could just hit back several times, but now you have to hit several buttons and much less intuitive.


PLEASE bring back the old app!  I thought the previous version was so good....good layout, responsive, and easy to use.  The new version is a huge step in the wrong direction.