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Roku Spectrum TV app shutting down

I use the spectrum TV app on my 6 year old daughter's Roku TV. problem is, the app shuts down in the middle of the night and my poor child gets scared because it isn't playing the TV channel it was on when she went to bed. how can I get the app to stay active throughout the night even if it's not being used per se?
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Re: Roku Spectrum TV app shutting down

I think after 2 - 3 hours of no activity on screen the app then throw's a message on the screen indicating if you are still watching. If you do not hit the 'Yes I'm still watching' message, the app shuts down. From what I can see in the settings app, there are no options for this setting.


Re: Roku Spectrum TV app shutting down

I haven't seen a way to disable the warning message either...same as Netflix and other streaming services. They don't want to use their servers to stream to empty rooms so they make you perform some action (click yes I'm still watching) to continue the stream.