Roku - RGE-1001 is back again!

Looks like the famous RGE-1001 error is back again.  I checked it on multiple devices.


Re: Roku - RGE-1001 is back again!

It is back again on all 3 of my units. Message says wait a few moments and try again; been trying for an hour.


Error Code RGE-1001

I can’t use my Spectrum app because of this error code. I’ve deleted and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work. This has happened a number of times and it looks like, from this forum, that it had been an ongoing problem for at least 2 years. Tell me what to do. Not happy with this app.
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Re: Roku - RGE-1001 is back again!

As of 3/21/19, the issue causing the error message on 3/20/19 has been resolved.   If you are still receiving an error message, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: