Restricted channels when streaming

Certain northern NH TV channels are not available including ESPN and our local regional sports channel, NESN when streaming with any device i.e. PC, Roku, android, etc.  yet available with the set top and by way of the analog hookup  (to be discontinued).

Why is Spectrum not giving us for what we are paying for?  Is this a market or "dollar"  issue?


Re: Restricted channels when streaming

On your modem or out on a hotspot?

The latter is pretty awfull.

You should get most of the channels at watchspectrumnow on your home connection



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Re: Restricted channels when streaming

So how can you watch Tv on the TV app and/or spectrumTV.com when you are not at your home connection ?  

The spectrum web site reads:

The Spectrum TV app and SpectrumTV.com allows you to watch shows in the comfort of your home, the gym, a coffee shop - virtually anywhere on your favorite devices. Enjoy live TV and On Demand shows on the free Spectrum TV app and on your computer. You are able to view networks and shows that are included with your TV service.

That is totally misleading...

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Re: Restricted channels when streaming

@Luigi   Good morning.


While at home you have full access to your line up. Away from home you have limited channels but still will have access to more than 80 partner applications and websites. You can visit Exclusive Spectrum Apps & Partner Apps for more information on those. 


On the Roku, Xbox1 and Samsung  you do need to be on your home network for any access as these are not considered mobile devices.  


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