Re: what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

My Roku Spectrum app is unwatchable very bad pixels . It's awful everything else on my Roku looks pristine
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Re: what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

1. Have you tried power cycling your modem and router?
2. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
3. Have you tried restarting your equipment you are streaming on?
4. Is it happening on all devices? Like can you watch the programs live on the channels websites? On spectrums website?
5. If you’ve tried all of that and it’s not fixed give them a call because it could be something with your acct when it got switched over from cable to streaming since it’s just happening on live tv. Hope that helps!
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Re: what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

Spectrum just need to create a better app.  The app constantly says it’s unavailable and give you a code.  I called Spectrum two days ago because the app was down for hours.  I got a recording stating that Spectrum knows there is an issue and was working on resolving the problem.  The next day (yesterday) same thing, app down for hours while using Roku.  All of the free app on Roku works fine, but not the Sprectrum app.  I called talked with four different people.  One staff person stated that Sprectrum knows there are issues with the app and Spectrum technicians are currently working on it.  The other staff did not have a clue.  One spectrum staff gave me a credit for the month in hopes this issue would be resolve soon.  I would suggest Spectrum give customers monthly credit until the can fine tune this app.  Just think about spectrum/Time Warner customer are already buying Roku, fire stick and antennas to cut the cord from cable.  I have Roku on all of my Tvs because of the way too high cost of cable and having to pay a monthly cost for cable boxes, if you need more than one.  I am one step away to doing  away with this app too.  After all it only works half the time.  I’m getting movies, the news off roku for free.  Also there are other options on internet that I am looking into because of cost.  Spectrum advertise getting internet for 29.99, but I’m paying twice that being a loyal customer since 2012.  Spectrum was my favorite cable company, but they are worried more of the bottom dollar than providing great customer service.


Re: what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

More likely it is less a problem with the app itself, and more an issue with the services it is communicating to/through. I say that because the few times things got seriously hosed with our app, we also had issues re-authenticating through standalone apps as well, or there were issues in general with our internet.

Just had a round of sign-in issues about a week or so ago. In the middle of it all, the downstairs AMC and HGTV apps needed to authenticate as well. Could not get them to unlock again with our Spectrum ID. The upstairs still had good certificates, and we're working, but not downstairs.

We had been suffering some signal quality issues in our neighborhood... things were going south pretty bad every 4-6 hours. We were all rebooting our modems at least daily through one weekend. Several trucks rolled, and things recovered at first, then the apps misbehaved again... but internet was stable. Did the uninstall, reboot, re-install thing, re-authenticated and we were in... but it was sluggish, and had issues getting the guide and program info to show reliably for a few days.

Should note that during this whole process, there was no update to the app.

It was the same version and build as before... April 9th build dates to be precise (still the same version, in fact). So there were no fixes made to the app itself. What had changed though was dealing with quality/stability issues with either our internet service, Spectrum's backend servers, or both.

1.) Verify all is on the up and up with your internet service itself (check modem signal levels and logs), as they can be a big factor.

2.) Then, move on to checking for authentication issues... try signing into to the app again, or try authenticating to other apps with your Spectrum ID. If such authentication is failing, then there are likely issues at the server level to address.

3.) After checking these things, you now have some useful information that can be passed on to Spectrum's support team that may help them resolve things more quickly.