I'M HAVING THE SAME ISSUE WITH THE TWC APP. (The TWC app has been working fine for the last 6 months. nothing changed on my end....All of the suddden the news channels ( and others) start giving me a P700 error. Had to reboot the modem box a couple times a week in order to get my systems to work.  I've done a couple of speed checks, it jumps up and down.  I've also noticed the twc app on  has been having a very hard time connecting and maintaining a good connection as well. BUT I WAS TOLD IT'S MY WIRELESS device. SO I WENT OUT AND BROUGHT ANOTHER WIRELESS DEVICE AND I STILL HAVE THE SAME ISSUES. Can someone from TWC please fix the problem...


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Hello, we would be happy to assist you. Can you please provide your account or primary phone number via the Link provided?


Thanks for posting!


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same with my samsung smart tv worked fine for months now keeps cutting out after about 30 seconds


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This happens all the time to me...mainly during popular shows. Tonight, it was the Walking Dead in my roku streaming stick. I have three rokus, and it has happened on all of them. Netflix works fine. Amazon prime works fine. It's just the twc app that has issues.

The worst was when we had friends over to watch the college football national championship game and we kept getting it. We had to improvise with a cable box (like tonight with the walking dead). Sure wish TWC would fix this bug with their application.

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I am also getting the P700 error. I was watching TV fine and then after they sent some updates to my modem it hasn't worked at all, I can't watch a single thing on my Roku stick. My other Rokus are acting up as well. Wish this wasn't acting like this because we just switched to this TV service less a week ago now. What a nightmare.
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In cases where you are seeing the P700 error we would want to look into this if a powercycle

of the modem (if you are using a single device) and then router (if you are using a connected router) 

has been done and the problem persists.


We encourage you to contact us to look into connectivity and if we are not able to determine the 

issue we can investigate it further. 


Please feel free to contact us directly using this link: TWC_ForumsHelp


Please do include your account number and verification of your service address.

Please also include the error message you are receiving as well as the Roku Models and 

information about how your network is set up. Are you hardwired on any of the Roku models?

Are the issues you are experiencing the same on all models? What models of the Roku do you have?


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