No Red Sox game on NESN in app (on cable box) in Maine

I banished my cable box to a rarely used upstairs TV and have been using the Spectrum app on my other TVs (with Roku) as I mostly use other streaming services anyway.  I mainly use the app to watch the Red Sox on NESN (channel 27 here in Maine).  However, as of a couple of days ago, the games have disappeared, replaced by alternative programming (which looks like "blackout" kind of programming - wrestling and MMA). I can still watch the Sox on the cable box,  so it's not that there is a general blackout.


No Sox on my ipad or computer either, so it's not just a Roku issue. I am properly signed in to Spectrum, am on my home network, and I have Spectrum internet. Recycled the modem/router just in case - not that, either. I


I called customer support and they said everything looked fine at my end (and all seems to be fine except this) - they put in a support ticket, but I thought that maybe someone out there might have an idea of what's happening. 


The only positive is that if I can't watch the Sox on the app it will give me the kick in the butt required to finally dump Spectrum TV once and for all. 


Help! Too good a Sox season to miss.


Re: No Red Sox game on NESN in app (on cable box) in Maine

Follow up to the post above - Spectrum called me back and left a message that the app carries the national NESN feed rather than the feed that shows the Sox and Bruins. This must have just changed as I was able to watch the Sox on the app three days ago. Not sure that this change is only in my area (Maine) or everywhere, but in any case I can't imagine why anyone in the New England sports market wouldn't be getting the local feed, with the games. (I did notice that when I googled Red Sox streaming, Spectrum wasn't listed among the providers - but again, they were streaming the games until a couple of days ago).


If anyone out there has ideas about who to contact at Spectrum to gripe about this, please let me know! Otherwise this is likely the end of Spectrum for me. 


Re: No Red Sox game on NESN in app (on cable box) in Maine

I have had the same issue on my iPad here in Maine for the last few days. Told it is Nesn National programming. After multiple chats with tech support I was told I would have to talk to Nesn. Very po’d right now.

Re: No Red Sox game on NESN in app (on cable box) in Maine

Well, the Sox were back on the app last night, so maybe someone out there was actually reading these posts. Certainly appears that this is a Spectrum thing, not a NESN thing.


We’ll see how long this lasts.