New Version 5.2

I have 4 Roku devices. 2 are Streaming sticks and the other 2 are streaming Stick +. 2 of them have version 5.2 and the other 2 have version 4.25. When I try to manually update the apps it says it is up to date. But clearly there is a newer version. Anyone know why? Thx.

5.1 Audio on Roku Spectrum App???

Anyone know when the Spectrum TV app on Roku will get 5.1 audio? Frustrating that today many popular apps like Netflix, HBO, etc have 5.1 audio, but Spectrum doesn’t have it yet.

Roku App DVR Fast Forwarding

Does anyone know when or if fast forwarding and/or rewinding will show a thumbnail or where you are at in the show when completing this function. Seems like version 5.2 doesn’t have this yet neither. This will be a huge need to make the DVR simile to having the hardware.

Re: New Version 5.2

The Roku platform itself will determine when your devices get the updates... if they are allowed at all.

They sometimes restrict/delay software updates based on the hardware involved... be that apps, OS, or both.