Missing Spectrum Channels on ROKU

Periodically I am missing channels from the Spectrum line up that I am streaming via ROKU.

The app loads just fine and the channels that are available are OK.

However, channels such as 200 (local Spectrum), 209 (BBC) and the entire set of 1200 channels (all the local stations, PBS, etc.) are not there.

When reviewing the line up in the Guide, they are simply missing.

I have tried turning everything off and reloading, with no success.

If I try a few hours later, they are all there.

We have one TV that is still connected via a Spectrum provided cable box, and all those channels are available on that TV.

Where is the problem?  Spectrum and/or ROKU?


Community Manager

Re: Missing Spectrum Channels on ROKU

Sorry none of your Forum peers had a solution.  If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


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