Missing Channels on Spectrum app (resolved 2/7/2018)

In the last two days, HBO and all the music channels have disappeared from the mobile app for IOS as well as the Roku app. When I check OnDemand and choose HBO, it states I don’t have a subscription. I do. It’s working on the cable box. How can I get this resolved?

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Re: Missing Channels on Spectrum app

so I'm not the only one, something is up I checked my tablet and it shows a KEY like I have not subscribed to those premium channels.  I will be asking for a partial refund since we have just 1 cable box and 2 Roku  2/3 of my household lost those channels.  Cable box do have the channels

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No HBO 2 days now

This app has me mad everyday you have to call and just get excuses then if you want credit you have to call every time its not working which has been everyday something wrong rge 1001 no HBO no pictures for on demand sick of it it is stressing me out

Re: Missing Channels on Spectrum app

Just realized most of my premium channels are missing in my apps. In addition to HBO, STARZ and showtime is missing. Again, these channels are on my cable box. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Re: Missing Channels on Spectrum app

Just chatted with a Spectrum rep. It’s an issue on their end that technicians are working on. No ETA.

Re: Missing Channels on Spectrum app

Isn’t that just the normal response to put blame on different department?
Such a big money company, they don’t really need our business because millions more will take our place.
Thank you for the question as I just encountered this issue the past few days.
Allo is coming to my area. Just waiting

No HBO, Showtime, Movie Channel in app

The app updated three days ago and now I'm "locked" out of several channels including my pay channels.  When I go to "Networks", severel channel icons have an imagine of a key in front of them and I am not able to access anything from these channels on my phone.  These channels work just fine on my TV.  I had access to the full lineup I PAY for on the app until this last update. 

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ROKU missing channels all of a sudden!!!!!

TRICK to discourage the person from using cable boxes!!!!!


ROKU 's sprectrum app missing most channels all of a sudden!! what the hell!! HBO, SHOTIME they are all gone and there is nothing i can do!!!!!


Im quitting this service and I should everyone should as well as an avergae $2.00 have been added to my bill for this or that!!!

junk greedy company!!!!!



Re: ROKU missing channels all of a sudden!!!!!

Yup their app is a crappy! those channels have been out for two days here

and every week it's been screwing up, for the past 3 weeks....pure crap !!


Re: Missing Channels on Spectrum app

Day three for me.