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Local channels with TWC TV app


  I have been watching all Cleveland TV channels through my TWC TV app since I've had the Roku player (have had it about two months or so now). I read in this forum that local TV is only available on Roku in New York, Los Angeles and Kansas City. When did TW add local channels to the TWC app in Cleveland? My zip code is 44077 (Fairport Harbor, Ohio, 30 miles east of downtown Cleveland.) However, I am only getting perhaps 30 cable channels (beside the local ones) on the TWC TV app, when I should be getting (according to Roku's website) over 200 cable channels. I have TW Standard TV service. Do I need the next higher level of service in order to receive the advertised 200+ channels with the Roku player? If so, the website should mention this in no uncertain terms right up front, not buried in some remote corner of the site where few, if any, people will see it.


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Re: Local channels with TWC TV app

You should be getting the same channels as you receive in your cable package(with the exception of locals, some get them, some don;t) Are you sure you aren't on a starter package 25 channels or so?

Re: Local channels with TWC TV app

You absolutely WILL NOT GET 200 channels with standard, that is the preferred tier. I believe they added the locals to TWCTV about 2 months ago now, would need to look back thru the posts here, I think Nuworld first mentioned the addition.