How I fixed my RLC-1000 error (Roku vs Spectrum app)

Ever since I switched out my internet modem with a Spectrum modem I was not able to connect to the Spectrum app on my Roku express.

I kept getting a prompt to login (which I didn't get before) and  after trying to login with verified  good credentials I got the RLC-1000 error (Connect to Spectrum internet...)

After a great deal of researching, resetting all devices, contacting Spectrum (useless), contacting  Roku (non-responsive). I finally figured out the solution.

It appears that my router still had my old cable modem mac address cloned into it.  I just had to go into my router configuration and re-clone the new mac address for the new cable modem and the ROKU worked (without even having to login).  Hope this helps someone.

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Re: How I fixed my RLC-1000 error (Roku vs Spectrum app)

Must say.... that is odd behavior. Shouldn't need to clone the MAC address in the first place.

But, if it works....
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Re: How I fixed my RLC-1000 error (Roku vs Spectrum app)

FUNDAMENTAL SETUP  RULE :  Whenever you change the data modem you ALWAYS need to first reset a separate router back to its factory defaults.  Next, the interconnecting ethernet cable goes from LAN port #1 on the modem to the WAN IN jack on the router.  Third, let the router collect its network settings from the new modem.  Now you can make any desired changes in DHCP settings for your specific home LAN operation. 


Following this sequence carefully resolves about 85% of the complaints that are posted to the forums after a modem is changed by the user.  And I certainly agree with RAIST5150 that there is no need to clone any device's MAC ID into the router.  That's likely what got you into trouble.