Has Spectrum simply given up on Roku?

Sorry for the clickbait-ish subject, but It seems this Spectrum TV app is getting nothing but worse?


I haven’t used it in a few days (due to its clunkiness) and now it won’t even allow more than 3 button presses on my Roku remote before it locks tight as a drum, forcing my Roku Streaming Stick+ to reboot every time. Netflix, YouTube and HBO GO stream video beautifully, but Spectrum TV can no longer display video?


I’ve removed the channel, rebooted and then reinstalled it, no change. My connection speed on my Roku showing Signal Strength as Excellent with a download speed of 42 Mbps on Spectrum’s own internet using their Wave 2 WiFi router and modem. Given that other channels can stream flawlessly on this connection and the metrics provided by Roku, I simply can’t accept that ALL of our Spectrum issues come down to individual bandwidth constraints. And, considering that I’m a Spectrum cable and internet customer, shouldn’t I already be connected within Spectrum’s network? It seems foolish to route Spectrum’s customers back out to a separate gateway to stream from?


Regardless, I think everyone deserves an answer on how well Spectrum intends to support this app so I can either remove it, or dedicate a few mins to trying to fix it? Given this a Roku channel, there simply isn’t a lot we users can do with Roku, which is why it’s such a popular platform: It simply works when channels are coded properly (see Netflix).


I also intend to open a ticket with Roku and will share any findings here once they report back (~24 hrs).




Re: Has Spectrum simply given up on Roku?

I can only add my personal experience, but I have not had any of the issues you (and many others) have described. I regularly use the Spectrum TV app on both a Roku Streaming Stick and hardwired Roku TV (along with an Apple TV and an iPhone) without problems. I previously used my own Arris SB6190 with an Apple Time Capsule router and now use a modem and Wave 2 router from Spectrum. 


Re: Has Spectrum simply given up on Roku?

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the STV app works for most?


Although, I am curious about what region your Spectrum cable/internet is installed in? I recently made several support calls Re: VOD issues with Spectrum where Tech Support simply made up the cause of the issue and sent me packing to Billing. After speaking with Billing, I learned the issue that Tech Support had fed me simply didn’t exist. To summarize, Spectrum’s Billing Dept called out Tech Support about feeding me a lie. I can’t help but wonder why a T2 Tech Support Engineer would lie about (their answer was dishonest, their root cause had no factual basis) an issue that was affecting VOD for our entire region here in Ohio and was not related to Billing in any way. 


I think it’s underhanded that Spectrum would suggest my issues were related to nonpayment of my monthly bill when in reality nearly every Spectrum cable customer in my region was affected. I’ve only been a Spectrum customer since last fall and my billing history represents only a handful of billing cycles. 


FWIW, I speculate that Spectrum experienced a host of issues rolling out their new, ala carte service called Spectrum TV Choice, which was finally rolled out on Feb 22, less than a few weeks after we experienced the VOD issues that required some help from Spectrum. In the end I was told I was experiencing a known issue that they were working to correct. It took nearly a week for Spectrum to restore VOD purchasing just a few weeks before the STV Choice rollout. 


My post might sound sound a bit heavy-handed, but I wrote it that way to avoid any wiggle room for an explanation regarding the Spectrum TV app. I don’t actually know if so many of our STV app issues are related to the STV app, the way they feed the stream (as when I launch the app, the initial video stream that plays in the background never appears) or perhaps it’s a combination or issues that they simply don’t understand. Given this post has received zero comments from anyone at Spectrum, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the latter. 


Thanks for the info, it’ll be interesting to see if more Spectrum cable/Roku users become vocal about the STV app as I only began experiencing issues this past weekend. Prior to then I had no issues out side those I’ve described here.


Re: Has Spectrum simply given up on Roku?

I'm in North Texas. 


While I don't believe problems with the app are related to any billing issue (although the billing reps may be able to issue a work order for a tech to come to your house to check things out), I also don't believe this issue effects "nearly every Spectrum cable customer in my region."  What is way more believable is that something in the chain of delivery of the signal from the origin point to your device is broken...a bad amp, water-logged tap, loose connection, squirrel-chewed coax, ingress, wifi interference, etc. all the way to servers that run the app going down or taken offline for maintenance.


What makes me think it's some sort of physical issue (coax, splitters, amps) that a tech needs to find is that it worked up until recently. Those items break down in the elements.


Re: Has Spectrum simply given up on Roku?

Interesting, I’m in OH, but was stationed at Ft Sill for (too) many years. We spent quite a bit of time in Wichita Falls because their PX was quite a bit better!

Check the update. Spectrum TV isn’t working on iOS either. I started a thread on the iOS forum about that issue.

I wonder if they could be related?

Lastly, I’d never just openly speculate on who many users are affected by an outage. This was conveyed to me in a follow up call from Spectrum support. That outage took several days to resolve and they followed up with me to ask if my issue was resolved. They did explain that most users in my region were affected by the outage.

FWIW, I don’t wish I’ll will on Spectrum. IMHO, their video IQ is far better than anything I’ve seen from DTV, Comcast, etc. I’d just prefer some honesty when I speak to them.

Re: Has Spectrum simply given up on Roku?

My Roku (model 3800) on my 5GHz WiFi network (in Southern CA) works fine with the Spectrum TV app.

I do vaguely recall the app exiting without notice once, quite a while ago.

I just wish they'd allow the Android/iOS app to show all my channels even while I am not on local WiFi.