Re: Poor quality picture on Roku with the Spectrum App

Having the same problem, but I have a way to fix it.


Hit the up arrow 7 times, while having the problem on the Spectrum App.  Look at the bitrate that gets displayed on the screen.  If it is less than 1,000.  Uninstall the Spectrum App, then reinstall it again.  Re-enter username and password, start the app, then do the up arrow display screen and the bitrate should be in the thousands.   I'm watching Smithsonian channel now and it is >6,000.


Works 100% of the time for me.    I suspect the app doesn't initialize storage memory properly when it starts, a re-install gives it a clean slate.  Just my guess, after spending many decades as a software engineer.

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Re: The problems with the Spectrum TV app should be a THE support priority

I have the same issue. Roku ultra new version 5.2, doesn't load, crashes the roku, locks up. I have reset several times got it to work once or twice but only for a few hours. Roku stick plugged into the same tv with build 4.25 works fine. This version on the ultra does not work..
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Re: The problems with the Spectrum TV app should be a THE support priority

@wpsirois & @Mike49 , 


We apologize for any service issues.  To avoid confusion, please start your own thread and post your signal levels for further investigation and input from your Forums peers.   You can also refer to this post for helpful data:  Data to post to get help from your peers.  




Re: The problems with the Spectrum TV app should be a THE support priority

May also want to include some specifics bout the Rokus in play as well. For example, there were 3 different Ultras released from 2016 to 2018... one of those models (4640 from 2016) may have a sort of deprecation issue within the Roku platform that could be causing issues.

Re: Guide causing re-boot

I have the same problem and have to turn off the TV and start over. It's very frustrating 

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Re: Guide causing re-boot

We currently are investigating issues with the Roku platform.


Our apologies for the frustration with this. 

What version of the app are you using? What is the model of your Roku Stick?




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Re: Guide causing re-boot

The latest version of the app. Not sure about the ROKU it was purchased last year. 

Re: Guide causing re-boot

@Julia_R Stick is a 3800rw app says latest update

Re: Guide causing re-boot

@Julia_R Everything was working fine when I first started using issues up until recently....I think it is even getting worse.

Re: The problems with the Spectrum TV app should be a THE support priority

This is in response to a posting by cvjss99 that appears to have been removed, his comments were related to the Spectrum app 5.2.0.


cvjss99... agreed, 5.2.0 was auto installed on my Ultra but not any of my Streaming Sticks, thank goodness. The 5.2.0 version just compounds the existing issues with the Spectrum app.


The issues with 5.2.0 that I have discovered so far are…


Assigning favorites just got a bit less friendly. With 4.25.0 you could easily assign favorites from the LiveTV menu or the Channel Guide, now with 5.2.0 it can only be done from the Channel Guide.


Sorting and filtering in 5.2.0 is a bit bizarre and illogical now. In 4.25.0 if you set the app to show Favorites and Network Names you get a list of favorites from the LiveTV menu sorted by only one of several of the same network names, nice and neat.


With 5.2.0 you get the same thing except it shows all the network names, why? For example, if I assign the Disney-58 as a favorite but not Disney-101 and not Disney-1101 and then set the app to show Favorites and Network Names you get a list from the LiveTV menu that displays all three Disney channels, they are all the same channel, we need only to see the one assigned as a favorite.. in this scenario why are non-favorite channels being displayed in the LiveTV menu when favorites are selected?


Changing apps should be an improvement, this is the opposite of an improvement. I say leave the app interface alone, it’s fine the way it is and let’s get the other issues resolved before creating new ones.