FS1 Problem on Spectrum app

Starting a couple of days ago, when switching to FS1 (ch 33), all that shows up is a golf program.  It starts at the exact same spot each time and then after a couple of minutes, buffers and then freezes. All other networks play as the should--for the most part.  Switching back to ch 33 and the same golf video appears and then freezes--like Groundhog Day!  I've placed two calls into tech support and they cannot solve the problem.  The Spectrum app has been acting a little flaky as of late as well.  On several channels, the video will buffer for a few seconds and then resume. Sometimes, the video will do a quick "rewind" and repeat the previous 3 or 4 seconds.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Spectrum app and resetting the modem, but that's not helped. Wondering if anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area is having the same problem.

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Re: FS1 Problem on Spectrum app

Good morning.


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. The buffering is normally associated with a 

connection issue, the repeat content however is not normally this.  If you will post your modem levels etc. we can take a look. 


When you powercycled everything had you done a restart on the Roku through the 



Normally we would request that you remove the App, do a restart on the Roku through the settings, (check for updates)  powercycle the modem and router (if you are using a router) Then reinstall the app. Do you experience this on any other devices?



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