Down since 9/26/2018

When is Spectrum going to fix this, whenever you try to log on it says something didn’t work right NO KIDDING!!! Troy NY
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Re: Down since 9/26/2018

There are no known issues that should be causing this. 


What steps have you taken in trouble shooting this? 


What device are you using? Are you getting this error on other devices as well?


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Re: Down since 9/26/2018

I'm using an Android device (cell phone), I get RLP-1006/1007/1008. When accessing ABC, CBS, NBC, & Fox this morning. Why do I feel like I'm the only one on my street complaining. I'm the only one having trouble calls. I've power cycled the Roku, removed and re-installed the Spectrum TV app as well. I've also power cycled my modem, and router. I'm working on my 4th or 5th Technician in last 10 days. Any direction on what to do or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Re: Down since 9/26/2018

I'm getting constant outages today and for the last few days.  Right now staring at an RLP-1007 (CNBC).  MSNBC won't play RLP-999, CNN is ok...mostly.  We used to have an absolute solid signal quality but over the past couple weeks we have many unrecoverable errors listed on the modem status page.  I was assuming infrastructure maintenance/upgrades...maybe not.