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Re: App won't work outside my home

@mgeorgevich7135 wrote:

It is NOT cable theft. Go ahead and try to put a box in someone elses house and you will see it won't work. I pay for my cable. I am using an authorized app. that Spectrun allows its paid subscriubers to use when they are not at their home. This app. works on all my other devices but the Roku. If you don't have any productive to add, keep your opinion to yourself.

I haven't done a comparison, but when you are outside the home, I am certain the only channels you can watch on the apps (IOS, Android, PC) are the channels which have carriage agreements for the individual channel apps, too.  (i.e. - I can watch FX becuase TWC has an agreement in place so I can use FX NOW - which DOES work on the Roku outside the home.)


If you want your full lineup outside the home, buy and install a SlingBox.