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I know this isn't a new thing but the Spectrum app has been having severe buffering problems the last few weeks. Yesterday and today it is making the NFL games unwatchable bad you miss plays. I didn't have this problem until a few weeks ago. Don't blame my connectivity since nothing had changed. Obviously you can change the name but still have crappy service.
My guess is you are losing money on the app and want us to go back to paying for the rental boxes.
Please fix this!
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Re: App Buffering

Sorry to hear you are having this problem. 


Although it may seem like nothing with your connectivity has changed that may not be the case. We encourage you to post your signal levels, modem logs and FEC data from your modem to take a look.


Are you seeing buffering on all devices? Mobile and platforms like Roku or Apple TV? 



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Re: App Buffering

We are having the exact same problem. Every other streaming device on the same tV works perfectly. It’s only the spectrum app. I’ve read multiple threads on this site with other people having the exact same issue. Is anything being done to address this issue? It’s extremely frustrating. We already pay for 3 boxes on my household!
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Re: App Buffering

Spectrum customers in multiple widely separated areas reported the same quality issues with the NFL broadcasts this past weekend.  To me that points a finger back toward the NFL who provided the feed to the cable companies.