Some small criticism

Been using the app for a day now. A few things. First the guide needs work. When switching to the guide it stops the audio then comes back on. I’m assuming it’s a bug. The guide should work like the one on the DVR where when I get to the bottom in cycles back to the top. Kinda of a pain now. Also it be nice to see the local channels as they are on the DVR, by their call signs. Also I can’t find those extra channels the local channels broadcast.
Another option that would be cool, considering the app knows I have an account, is not to show the channels I don’t pay for in the guide or in the On Demand section.
Lastly, is a cloud DVR in the works?
Community Manager

Re: Some small criticism

Thanks for the feedback, we will pass it along.  Unfortunately, we do not currently have any additional information regarding Cloud DVR.