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Series Manager Error Code ICM-9000

Please help, I cannot access the series manager from the app on my iphone, ipad or laptop. I get the error message with error code ICM-9000. I have an arris DVR. I can access my scheduled recordings and my current recordings, just not the series manager. I usually use the app, as the main DVR box is not at a tv that I use regularly!


Calls to technical support and resetting everything in creation has not helped. I was supposed to recieve a call back from tech support last week, but no one called.


Does anyone have any advice?



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Re: Series Manager Error Code ICM-9000



We apologize for any service issues.  Typically, deleting and then reinstalling the app will resolve most issues.  You may need to also restart the modem and the cable box.  Last, please be sure that the cable box is listed under "Equipment" on you My Account at www.spectrum.net.  


If the issue is still not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care