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Specturm TV App Not Loading Live TV Connected to Home Wifi

I haven't checked the app for live tv in months, but as of a few weeks ago it will not load live tv when i'm connected to my home wifi.  When I disable Wifi and use 4g i'm able to see a limited number of channels but they all work.  As soon as I turn wifi back on I can see the full allotment of channels, but when I go to watch one the blue circle just loads for minutes until it gives a "DVS-1001" error.


Called tech support a couple weeks back and they opened a ticket and haven't heard anything since.


This has happened on 3 seperate android phones and 1 ipad.  Rebooted Modem, and wireless router, re-installed apps a few times as well.  Still nothing.

I've even tried logging in to the specturm tv website on my desktop and i'm not able to watch live TV there as well.  Same thing, just tries to load for a couple minutes and errors out.


Must be noted that I am not using a TWC supplied wireless router, i'm using my own as it covers my house better, but that was never an issue before and i'm still getting a TWC IP.


Also, when using the app the only things that don't work are live tv and on demand.  I'm able to access the guide and my DVR recordings, just not stream anything.  Other streaming apps(espn, hbo go, netflix, etc.) are all working fine on the same connection.


 Any suggestions?



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Re: Specturm TV App Not Loading Live TV Connected to Home Wifi

This is not an issue your forum Peers will be able to assist you with. It sounds like

the permissions on the account are wrong.


We encourage you to contact our Social Media Customer Care team to look into this.

Please do provide them with your account number, username and ticket number when 

you reach them. You may also wish to provide them with a link to your post here.


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


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