Spectrum TV app is worthless

My wife and I travel constantly throughout the USA. I purchased Spectrum internet and tv service with the expectation that I could use the app to watch tv on my laptop.Was I wrong. You either have to be at home(which dont make sense as you just turn on your own tv) or connected to a spectrum wifi. This is a joke.  Gonna cancel spectrum and try too find something else.

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Re: Spectrum TV app is worthless

While live TV options are limited on our Spectrum TV application, while not at home, you will have access to the individual network apps provided they are part of your subscription.


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You will find that the majority of those network applications do support your laptop.



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Re: Spectrum TV app is worthless

Yes, if being able to use the Spectrum TV app is important to you while away from your home network then moving to some other platform is best for you. Having said that, many networks allow access to their own apps anywhere using your Spectrum login credentials. Not ideal if convenience is your goal, but workable.