New layout of TWC TV app

Why does the new layout of TWC TV always start with Live TV?  This is time consuming and bandwidth wasting. Why not start with a menu selection and let us choose where we want to go within the app?  90% of the time I want to start in the Guide - 10% of the time in the DVR Manager.

Also, why does the Channel Guide start at channel 256? Let us specify where we want to start. I have populated my Favorites, but again, that takes more steps and effort every single time I access the app.

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback on features and improvements for the app. We will share it with the team that works on the TWC TV app.  We appreciate your participation. 


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Re: New layout of TWC TV app

Totally agree with you, and I thought I was going crazy as it used to load to whatever the last function was being used. (Guide, Live TV, etc.). I was doing an internet search to see if this can be changed in the app settings (I couldn't find it under "settings"), it can not. Then I found your comment, thanks for pointing out what I also consider a defect. Total waste of bandwidth, and extra steps needed, when all I want to do is look at the "TW Guide" while watching a TV that doesn't have "the guide" (i.e. - "digital adapter" serviced TV).

Come on Time Warner, this is a step back. Either have it load to last action, as in prior app versions, or at put a setting in the app to load to user choice (Guide, Live TV, etc.). 

Re: New layout of TWC TV app

Looks like we're not going to get any love :-(


Re: New layout of TWC TV app

There must be some marketing / financial reason for starting with Live TV in the app. Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense. Total waste of time and bandwidth.

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Yet another update and yet still no love ;-(


Completely stupid that this app opens with Live TV as the default. 


If a CSR reads this....IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!! If I'm looking at the app to see the guide for my "digital adapter" only TV's, I shouldn't have to wait for the app to load the Live TV section before I can tap the menu icon and change to the guide. Again, load to what was loaded prior, or give the user a choice at startup. Thanks for keeping in touch with us lately....all I hear is crickets......