Android tv viewing

I purchased an android tv box and installed spectrum tv app. My problem is the channels i chose to view can only be watched on my connected devices. Ex:cable boxes
Why cannot i view on android connected tv?
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Re: Android tv viewing

Hello timmoyles,


It sounds as though you are trying to view things over a mobile or data connection.


A "connected device" is something that is connected to your Home HSD network. IF you are connected to your network and there are still channels that are doing this then you may need to call for a service appointment.


Anything through the app should work when on your home internet, unless it was just brand new installed yesterday, then it may take a few days to work properly.

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Re: Android tv viewing

Not all applications are supported on all platforms. Our Spectrum TV application is not supported on Fire TV.  You can read more about what applications  you can and can not view on your device here:  


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Re: Android tv viewing

Android TV is not supported. Android mobile devices are supported but not Android TV devices. For that class of device, only Roku is supported.