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Add me to the list of customers that desperately want this on an Android TV also. I have 2 Nexus Players that I am able to use for just about everything else but watch TWC TV.

My bill is almost $200 a month and won't change with the addition of Nexus players, but would definitely make things more convenient for me.

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Apparently the official response is that if they ignore us long enough we will go away. The thing they do not realize is that that answer is more correct than they want to accept... Ignore us long enough, and we WILL go away.....


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They have actively disabled any ability to use these devices. Sideloading the app used to work, then it was just older versions that would work. They have since forced updates and disabled any previous versions. What are they so threatened by?
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It would appear to be that they actively hate us. I find the lack of support disturbing, and if nothing changes soon I will begin actively looking for thier replacement.


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Please see my comment on this thread.


I have it working on Nexus players as long as you plug in a mouse or keyboard combo. The nexus player doesn't report the video as HDMI unlike a few of my chinese android TV boxes that do suffer from the evil HDMI messages..


I certainly agree, TW missed an important need for a public tired of monthly rental fees for limited equipment. when I received my last bill now over $227 I installed an HD Homerun prime/w cable card  3 room digital tuner and use the HDhomerun app on 3 nexus players in my house (DRM stations are fully supported), I am turning in on thurs of this week 1 dvr box' 2 cable boxes and my Arris residential gateway. My phone # will be ported to magic jack.



HDhomerun tuner $99 on ebay $4 monthly charge for cable card and tuning adaptor from TWC.

Nexus Player $49x3 each on eBay eliminates $52 a month when including the DVR service charges

Arris Surfboard Cable Modem SB6183 $80 on amazon - Allows me to actually get the 300 speeds instead of paying for it and only getting 113 speeds per TWC's own speed test using their equipment.

TP-Link Archer C7 dual band router $91 eliminates $8 a month and lousy wifi issues with TWC's equipment.

Magic Jack Go phone service with adaptor $40 a year eliminates $20 a month for TWC phone and other charges.


5 months of cable and DVR rentals pays for the tuner and nexus boxes.

$171 dollars to replace the cable modem/router combo @ $8 a month is a loser 

but the phone @ $40 a year versus $20 a month will offset the whole cost quickly.


Thats what happens when you get pushed into a corner by a monopoly. 


I'm installing this setup for other TWC subscribers as well. 


If I could find a solution for the Hallmark and MSNBC channel, I'd cut the service to internet only as I have alternatives to all the other content but grandma can't live without it.


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Mr Jinx, what TV package are you using your HDHR with?

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I have Starter and Variety Pass.

No showtime,HBO or the like... As I already have netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime for the rest.


There are other forums here that cover the HDHR but be aware, The discussion is around Windows Media Center and not the Android client. There is a big difference. Windows media center no longer supports Playready or DRM protected content which has a lot of folks irrate.


The android HDHR Client for Android TV does and has supported DRM protected playback in the last few releases as long as the Android device has the DRM libraries included with the Operating system. 


So far, I have been able to validate the Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield and TV's with Android TV 5.0-6.0.1

all have the DRM library pre installed.


There is 1 caveat, Google includes a program known as "Live Channels" with the Android TV desktop, Also know as leanback launcher. 


The HDHR software integrates with it giving you a beautiful full featured program guide but for some reason, If you choose a DRM protected station like of all things, TWC has QVC as a protected station, It will give you a black screen.. But if you lanch the HDHR software directly and pick QVC, It works fine.


I have opened a few tickets with Google trying to get it fixed, As a Android developer and tools that allow reverse engineering, It is defenitely a problem with Live Channels not the HDHR software as Google keeps telling me and closing the tickets. 


I'm going to move the discussion over to the HDHR area beyond this post as it is OT in this forum. This is supposed to be for the TWC app only and I kind of got on a rant..


On the TWC app, I did forget to post that the application can only do at best 576P resolution on the Nexus player and you are stuck with a thick black time warner banner across the top of the screen. Other people posting were talking about their 4K TV's and the TWC app isn't going to look very good on them even if they get it working. I use the TWC app as a crutch when coax tuning is acting up due to TW issues..


The HDHR app produces a full 1080P output. 


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As promised, If we can't get support for the TWC app.


Please join me @


For a discussion about other products that do support TWC on the Android TV platform. 


Please be a little patient with me as I rework my posts from this thread to be simple and straight forward over there.


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See my comments on the XDA Forum..I've had it working for quite a while. I was hoping TWC would man up and do it themselves since the FCC is pushing on all the cable providers to offer alternative solutions to renting high priced cable boxes.