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Why do I have to keep rebooting Cisco Tuning Adapter?

Ever since Spectrum converted to all digital, the functioning of the tuning adapter to resolve all my subscribed channels has been inconsistent.  I use a SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime 3-tuner box with Spectrum cablecard.  Sometimes I can go for days, sometimes only hours before losing ability to tune some channels, primarily premium ones.  The HDHomeRun app throws a "Unable to play channel.  No video data" message on the screen.  Rebooting the Cisco STA1520 box usually fixes the problem (temporarily).  Sometimes I have to reboot both the Cisco and the HDHOMERUN Prime boxes.


Has anyone else experiencing this and if so, was it resolved?


Re: Why do I have to keep rebooting Cisco Tuning Adapter?

Cisco tuner adapters are seemingly VERY sensitive to "imperfect" signals or any noise on the lines. I've seen some people suggest putting the Cisco on a cheap lamp timer to have it reboot a whatever interval needed.


Have you had a tech come out to test your connections? Do you also have Spectrum internet? If so, post your modem's signal level page to see if something obvious stands out regarding the coax connection.

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Re: Why do I have to keep rebooting Cisco Tuning Adapter?

Yes multiple tech visits to check and replace connnections.  Yes I do have Spectrum internet.  Had Cablecard support check levels and they sent me a replacement TA.  I had the same TA for 5 years with no issues until this happened.


I was unable to paste in copy or link to saved .PNG file from tuning resolver webpage???

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Re: Why do I have to keep rebooting Cisco Tuning Adapter?

Your previous DTA didn't have to decode fully encrypted video streams like the new one does.  Now the content providers have forced the cable industry to tighten their security, much like what's going on with people's computer systems being hacked.  That in turn means more repairs to the cable system to clean up bad connections. 

If it makes you feel better, you can blame all the folks who were pirating programmming and got caught for the higher monthly cable bills and tighter system security.  Those who want broadcast TV for free can still put up an antenna, like in the old days! 

As for not being able to paste the Signal Level and Event Log pages into a reply message, you can usually ignore the HTML error notice and just press the [POST] button a second time.  Or paste your pictures using Imgur and insert the link.