What's up with the movies on demand app

Well my connection is fine works great; but an issue I want to bring to light is the application on Xbox one. When I want to watch free movies that come on demand cause twc said in the commercial they had "thousands of free on demand movies" . The problem with that is when you go on the movies on demand most if not all are all locked and you need a subscription to access them. Look twc is a good place to do stuff such as watch tv and tv shows. I would like for you to offer more that 32 movies and please don make the star wars like 5 episodes or paranormal something like 4 movies. That's most of my selection turned dry. Long story short pls do something about the movies on demand. I know you can do it ! Thanks in advance hope to see improvements.

Spectrum Employee

Re: What's up with the movies on demand app

TWC has no control over what the Networks choose to be available as far as On Demand content. If you notice, each MOD title also shows what network is making that title available for you to access. It does get updated by the networks every few weeks or at least once a month. You do need to subscribe to the channel that is broadcasting the movie to be given access.