TWC TV APP and EMBY application


First I just wanted to say that I know which applications the TV app is available on; however what I am interested in finding out is what would go into allowing a third party developer to have the same ability to access the TWC channels through it? 

I do not have a ROKU box; but I do use the TWC TV app through android - but it is not my primary entertainment source. What I use is a program called EMBY formerly known as Media Browser (MB) for windows. There is a great deal of interest in having the ability to access TWC through EMBY much like ROKU.

How feasable is this?

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Re: TWC TV APP and EMBY application

If you're on a windows machine, TWC TV is available through What need would you have of running TWC TV through a 3rd party? If its similar to a media server, it could violate DMCA if able to be streamed to other users, etc.


Edit: Went to the EMBY webpage, the first thing I see is:


This right here tells me all I need to know. This type of media would never be supported for TWC TV as this means you would be able to stream content outside the home in which the content is being paid for, and is a violation of DMCA.

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Re: TWC TV APP and EMBY application

It is apparent that you have no clue as to what DMCA rights or authorities are. It is only a violation if it is a violation - and by that I mean using it to stream material not owned and to those outside of the owner or "licensee" of said material - assumption of usage is not a valid argument nor does it constitute any answers to me only personal opinions. Just because there is a media server which provides an endpoint to content the person owns does not mean it is violating any laws whatsoever. If that is the case then the TWC app also violates DMCA and should be removed. Or for that matter any other device which offers streaming services of  MPAA/RIAA protected media. Some people may use a ROKU device to achieve what they want - by streaming TWC to their TV ; but not everyone uses a ROKU which is essentially the same thing as someone using EMBY - minus the ability to store any material on it. In a nutshell you have just said that anyone that uses Microsoft Windows Media Center (WMC) which does provide DRM decoding and also provides the means of external connectivity is also violating DMCA. Or perhaps your response is better reflected in that TWC would rather see everyone on their proprietary way of doing things ; rather than giving flexibility to it's users because of a preconceived notion that they might do something bad with it. 

Thanks for the interest in the question; but I think I will wait for a better answer.