Spectrum TV app freezes on Samsung TV


2 weeks ago, the Spectrum TV app quit working on my Samsung Smart TV. The app loads and live TV streams, then freezes, and quits the SmartHub.

No error message is shown. 

After numerous calls to Spectrum, they suggested it is a problem with the device. Shocker. 

All of the other apps are streaming on the device, and it Spectrum TV worked fine until 2 weeks ago.

Does anyone have any ideas (besides paying for a cable box)? (The TV is ethernet wired).



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Re: Spectrum TV app freezes on Samsung TV



I apologize for any service issues.  Freezing is typically a connection issue.  As well,  not every Samsung TV is compatible with the Spectrum TV app.   I've included a link to Samsung TVs supported on the Spectrum TV app.   If you still need assistance, we encourage you to contact support directly.  


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Re: Spectrum TV app freezes on Samsung TV

I have a Samsung TV and have the same issue intermittently.  What usually works is to start up the Spectrum app, then hit Exit to completely close the app. 


If you don't use Exit to close the app, it stays running in the background.  So if it freezes or locks up, it will remain that until you force the app to close by using Exit.  Hitting the power button on the remote won't stop it either, since that really just puts the TV to sleep.


The app is still hit or miss, and changing channels gives me a SPL-1001 error more often than not, but at least it is usually possible to get it going again using this method.