Re: Spectrum TV App on FireStick

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Re: Spectrum TV App on FireStick

I came to these forums to request support for Amazon's Fire Stick / Fire Cube and/or latest device they have bundled up with Alexa.  My smart tv is lame, has a remote I do not like to use.  But hey it has the big screen.  Anyways as a Specrtrum customer, I have the 10 channels I choose pack and Spectrum Internet.    Bottom line the tv has to use Spectrum as an app.  So why?  it's an opportunity for them to say we're spectrum, look what we have, call us today, blah blah. 



Not to mention that the 'other apps' like HBO NOW, Fox Sports Go, Discovery GO, etc.  can be downloaded and used just fine.  So why not? 


Anyways,  thanks for this thread.  Not meaning to hijack it.  Just want Official Support.