Spectrum TV App coming to Apple TV

Just announced at Apple's WWDC  is exciting news for all of us Apple fans out here...later this year the Spectrum TV app will be available on Apple TV.  I'm sure more details will follow in the days and weeks to come.

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We will be sure to provide more information when it is available.  This is definitely something that gets requested frequently.  


Update 6/6/18:

Here is a link to the annoucement

Charter to Launch Spectrum TV App on Apple TV

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Re: Spectrum TV App coming to Apple TV

Question is, will it be the same old, clunky Spectrum app you can use on a computer or will it be an Apple designed front end. Here's hoping it's the ladder and if that's the case, I'm tempted to dump my cable box and use my Apple TV.


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What they announced is that the AppleTV with TVOS will support single sign-on for Spectrum customers  to content provider apps that exist on AppleTV,. There was no announcement of a Spectru m TV app.


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I've actually read both...that Spectrum is the first major cable company to support Zero Sign-On for individual apps AND that Spectrum would be bringing live tv to the Apple TV.  I don't see any other way for live tv to happen except through the Spectrum app.  If it turns out that it's only the Zero Sign-On feature...well at least it's a step in the right direction.