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Error code XCF-1003

This is coming up on the Xbox one app, I looked into other posts with the same fail code and I seen problems with same code back in 4/26/18 and the Xbox one. Is this still an issue or what can be done? It’s been like this for several days.
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Re: Error code XCF-1003



There was an issue with Spectrum TV app on Xbox.  The issue has been resolved.  If you are still seeing the error,  we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


Re: Error code XCF-1003

It’s still not working.  Hasn’t been working right for days. 


Re: Error code XCF-1003

same problem here i have had spectrum for a week and it has been nothing but a headache im going to turn in cable box and go back to sling my cable box missing half its channels and support say reboot and were sending codes to box nothing worked then they said they can send out a technician but i would have to pay and they think they are going to compete with satellite or sling with their poor picture quality and poor support.

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Re: Error code XCF-1003

@timlooney  Sorry to hear you are having problems with the service.


You are getting this same code on an Xbox or are you just having problems with a 

cable box? If the reboot of your cable box has not corrected the issue a technician

would need to be scheduled. If the problem is with the service, and is not due to 

your equipment, there would be no charge. 


I encourage you to begin your own thread in the equipment category of 

our TV section. 


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Re: Error code XCF-1003

I'm repeatedly getting code XCF-1003 on my Roku when accessing the Spectrum app.  It was working fine an hour ago.  From the prior posts,  it seems that Spectrum is well aware of this problem but has done nothing to address it.  


Re: Error code XCF-1003

I have had twc or spectrum for a couple of years now and spectrum tv app has repeatedly done the same thing on my roku, xbox one and my tablet. It seems the problem isnt with the device as much as it is with the service. I check my internet connection every time and it seems to be working fine. Sometimes the app will go out for a minute and sometimes it will go out for nearly an hour. It does it more so in the evening between 630pm and 12pm. Every time it will say spectrum tv is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later and give the error code xlp-1003. Its really irritating ecspecially when i just get off work and am trying to lay down and watch a show and cant because the app keeps cutting out. I usually just give up and turn the tv off.