Amazon Fire TV availability

What is the latest on Amazon Fire devices getting the Spectrum TV app? It seems this has been a request for a number of years. I have been patiently waiting and when I request information all I get is that it is to be supported "soon" . Is there any official information on this?
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Re: Amazon Fire TV availability



The Spectrum TV App is currently available for Kindle and Roku.  There is currently no additional information available regarding plans to expand to Amazon Fire.  


Re: Amazon Fire TV availability

How do you make a request for support on FireTV and other Android platforms, not just ROKU?  This seems unfair and an easy port since it's avaliable on the Kindle already.

It is simply not acceptable to not have this softaware avialalbe on more platforms.



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Re: Amazon Fire TV availability

Not necessarily absurd, since Spectrum doesn't usually write the apps for various cable device platforms.  it might even be a very logical contract restriction placed by one of the other competing platforms that is presently offered.  But Spectrum hasn't even told their employees of the reason, and until they do we customers are NEVER going to know why!