Two questions about the TV Choice

Hi, I have had TV Choice since mid November and I have enjoyed it except for two things.  I was receiving my Fox Southwest as a part of cable from Spectrum and not being able to receive it with TV Choice means I take an additional streaming service.  That means that eventually I will have to leave TV Choice if one or the other goes up in price.  If it was part of my basic lineup with cable, why can't it transfer over?  I would be glad to pay a reasonable amount to receive it.  
Secondly, I think for some of us, used to cable, adjusting to the right ten channel choices is initially difficult, especially if you have a spouse, if you know what I mean.  I would really like to make one more change in one channel to get my line up complete.  Again, if it is a financial issue, why can't Spectrum charge a $5 fee to make a change.   You have to live with a small set of channels to really decide what works best for you even though we only watched ten or so channels with cable.    Thank you. 


Re: Two questions about the TV Choice

Think they let you change it one time within a certain time window from signing up... forget the details. Have you contacted your local office about adjusting the lineup?

Also, the streaming of local channels is franchise dependent... if they don't have an agreement with Spectrum, you won't get it. It is the same reason PSVue, DTVN, Hulu, etc. don't have all the major networks in our area--only Spectrum has managed to secure all 4 and PBS here.

Re: Two questions about the TV Choice

Yes, I did about a month ago and they allowed me a one-time exception.  I later found out I had the wrong channel my husband wanted.  My question was more that with only ten channels it should be possible to change one now and then as people's taste changes and that since this is a relatively new program perhaps we could be allowed a change since it seems no different than when you call and change cable service.   This whole program is based on personal choice.  

As far as the regional sports channel, I do understand; however, she told me even if they got the rights to stream it, I would never be able to make the change because I was using my final choice.   This seems somewhat restrictive.