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Different channels. Different times. But this is one of the reasons i dumped DirecTVnow. Going to start logging this and asking for a credit on my bill.


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You likely have a coax problem...damaged from squirrels or water leakage, loose connections, etc. that is causing your problems. Can you post your modems signal levels page and event log? That will help us see if something obvious is wrong with the physical coax serving your internet connection.


It's quite a coincidence that you have issues with two separate services. The common denominator is the delivery system (the coax feeding your service) or maybe wifi interference, but lets rule out the coax first.

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I called CS thursday, 9/6,  about the outage. None of my premium channels are on. They sent a tech out to check. He found out that we are having a nationwide premium outage, and doesn't know how long it will last.

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@lazy75  Good morning. 


I am not seeing an issue posted for specifically premium channels.


How long have you been missing these? Are you receiving an error message or 

something else? Are you able to access the On Demand for the premiums

or missing both live and VOD content? 


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