How to change TV to Choice?

How do I change my tv service to Choice?  Do I have to go to the office?

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Re: How to change TV to Choice?

Good question. I have a similar question. If you currently have spectrum cable TV and internet, can you cancel the spectrum cable tv and immediately go to TV choice?

Or is there a waiting period?
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Re: How to change TV to Choice?

IIRC, that was for internet only customers. I had to ask for it in the office when I got on it.

Haven't been on it for over a year though, rules may have changed.

Best to go in to the local office to make sure you are up to speed on the billing though. There was a broadcast fee (not as high as the cable one, but still there--ties into putting local OTA on the wire), and some taxes as well. This way you can be sure it still holds value compared to any other alternatives you may be considering.

Also want to make sure you time the changes right. Spectrum doesn't pro-rate like TWC did. So you get no credit if you terminate a service early in the billing cycle. Found out the hard way myself.