Visual Voicemail: No "voice to text" transcription

Verizon sold this add-on feature as "premium voicemail" for $3/month. It was one of the most useful features of the whole voicemail functionality.

Voice messages were not only stored on the phone as an audio file you could play locally without needing to call in with *86, but the first 45 seconds or so of the audio voice message was transcribed to text using Google's Voice-to-Text feature and displayed visually like SMS text message when you selected the voice message from your list of voicemail messages. So (a) you could read about the first 500 characters of it immediately since it was always presented on the screen in written words, or (b) you could press PLAY to listen to it its entirety.

When I signed up for Spectrum Mobile $14/GB and left Verizon I was told by the sales person that this "voicemail transcription" feature was included, and that it was free. Great I said.

Well, it's NOT PRESENT! Very disappointing I must say. I still would have paid for it if asked, but I really expected it to be available. But it IS NOT AVAILABLE, not for free or otherwise.

Furthermore there is no Voicemail app on Google Play that is available for Spectrum Mobile that might have included transcription.

A real shame. Maybe with enough requests from users they will buy this software feature from Verizon like they lease their network access from Verizon, and we could then have transcription in our Voicemail.
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Re: Visual Voicemail: No "voice to text" transcription

Thanks for the feedback.  We will pass it along for future consideration.