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Sorry your apple device is not eligible?

My husband and I both are currently with AT&T, wanting to switch to Spectrum Mobile. We both have Iphone 6Plus's that we purchased refurbished from Amazon, both unlocked.  I had a new sim card put in my phone last year so when I check the eligibility, it says my phone can be used.  However my husband's phone receives the message "sorry your apple device is not eligible".  Is it because he doesn't have a new sim card?  The status of his phone is unlocked, but I don't understand why his phone is not eligible but mine is.  I can't put in a Spectrum sim card until his phone is considered eligible.  Would it be best to just have AT&T put in a new sim card so we finally sign up with Spectrum?  Or would it be easier to visit a Spectrum store and do the sign up in the store.  Would it make a difference?  Sorry, most of this is way over my head.

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Re: Sorry your apple device is not eligible?

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For assistance with Spectrum Mobile, you can visit a Spectrum Mobile store or contact mobile support directly at  1-833-224-6603​​​​​.