Porting your phone number

I want to share my experience going from AT&T to Spectrum Mobile. Just so you know - I am completely happy with Spectrum Mobile. I just didn't know what to expect, so here is what happened.


  • I called Spectrum Mobile and said I wanted to overlap the accounts until I was sure I was ready to pull the plug. Spectrum Mobile Sales assured me I could pop the sim cards in and out to go back and forth between services. Not true.  Read on... 
  • I went ahead and ordered the new sim card (chip?) from Spectrum and received it four days later. 
  • I followed the instructions and went online to port the number (the Spectrum Mobile Sales Guy assured me repeatedly that there would be no such step and all I had to do was insert the new sim).
  • Hit my first glitch. The online portal rejected my AT&T account number and would not let me proceed.
  • I called Spectrum Mobile's Support Line. They (she) answered right away. I had previously tried twice to call AT&T support and hung up after being on hold for over 45 minutes. Spectrum Mobile's Support was awesome. She was friendly and very knowledgeable. She explained that some AT&T accounts used a variant U-Verse format. Anyhow she ported the number and the phone immediately went dead as she said it would. 
  • I put the new sim in my iPhone X .....and......everything was perfect. Contacts lists, old messages, emails, music, settings, networks, you name it. I never had a single problem.
  • But then some unexpected things happened.....
  • I got security warnings from my bank and several other places, including Facebook and LinkedIN that my number was invalid. I thought for sure I had been hacked. Apparently they not only know your phone number, they know your service provider! In each case it was easy to confirm that i had just switched carriers. Couldn't someone have warned me?
  • Then I tried to log in to AT&T a few days later because I was very happy with the new Spectrum Mobile and could not see any reason for switching back. I could not login. AT&T immediately cancels your account when your number is ported. Of course I didn't care, but again, couldn't someone have warned me? Oh, and so much for the nonsense of being able to switch back and forth by simply changing the sim card!
  • I find it really strange that for all the people I spoke to, and all the research I did online, not one thing, nor one person actually knew what was going, except for that one support girl at Spectrum Mobile. Thank you Miss Whoever you Are.
  • It is now a month later and I couldn't be happier with the service, the wifi calling, the personal hotspot, the web site, the mobile app, and of course, the support. And I am saving at least $70 a month! 
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