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Plan & Package Options

Plan & Package Options


Spectrum Mobile offers two service plans: By the Gig and Unlimited. The following information will help you choose the mobile service plan that is best for you. You can choose one data option, or mix and match between lines on your account.



By the Gig

With Spectrum Mobile's By the Gig data option, you'll share data across all of your By the Gig lines. You'll be charged $14 up front each month for each line of service and get 1 GB per line of sharable data to use among all By the Gig lines on the same account. If all of the By the Gig lines on the account collectively use more than the 1 GB per-line data allocation in a month, you’ll pay an additional $14 per GB on your next bill.

With By the Gig, we never cap the GB that you use or reduce your data speeds.



For each Unlimited line, you’ll pay a standard price each month for 20 GB of data. After 20 GB of monthly data use per line, download and upload speeds will be reduced for the rest of your bill cycle. You won't be charged for the extra data you use. Once the next billing cycle starts, you’ll be back to full speed.


Mobile Hotspot

There are no additional fees for using your phone as a hotspot. Normal data rates apply to mobile hotspot data usage. Depending on the data plan you have, download and upload speeds may be reduced after a certain amount of mobile hotspot data use each month.

Learn more about using your phone as a mobile hotspot.


Helpful Information

New Spectrum Internet customers with less than 30 days of service are limited to up to two lines of Spectrum Mobile service. Devices associated with these lines are shipped to the Spectrum Internet service address on file.

After 30 days of Spectrum Internet service, you may be eligible for up to a total of five Spectrum Mobile lines, based on your credit rating.

The Spectrum WiFi auto-connect feature helps your phone connect to nearby Spectrum hotspots, which can reduce your monthly data usage. Learn more about using the Spectrum WiFi auto-connect feature.

You can set data notifications to help manage the amount of data you use each month. Learn more.

If you disconnect your other Spectrum services, an additional $20 per-line monthly charge applies and Spectrum WiFi speeds will be limited to 5 mbps. You can change your data plan, but you won't be able to add any additional lines.

Note: Pricing is subject to change. Service isn't available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and aren't guaranteed.

For more information about Spectrum Terms of Service/Policies, visit Spectrum.com.