No service on new activation

I received my Note 9 on 9/28. I got online and activated. Got an email about 20 minutes later saying it was activated.
Turned on device and got a message that it couldn't connect to the network. Device said to connect to wifi and continue set up.
It's now a day later and still no service.
I keep getting told that it is being escalated and I will receive a call back. But every time I call back it hasn't been escalated.
This sucks! I need my phone to work. Tired of borrowing a phone to check on this issue.
Proven Sharer

Re: No service on new activation

Spectrum should be telling their new mobile phone users that activatiion will take 24 hours AFTER you receive the email, which is only a confirmation that the account data, phone number, and device IMEI have been sent to the carrier's network.  It takes a while to get their cellphone database servers updated (usually overnight).  It is definitely NOT instantaneous. 

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Re: No service on new activation



Please let us know if the issue has not been resolved.