No hot spot iPhone Xs max

Hello I have numerous issue since switching to spectrum mobile. One of my main issues is no Hot Spot. I have been told it is a known issue across all carriers with the xs max only. I have went to at&t and verizon stores contacted apple and they say they know nothing about a known issue. I have escaped this through apple and spectrum but when spectrum called me back they said no fix is available now and should be any day now. That was 3 weeks ago. Apple says they are continually looking into it but they don’t see any issues. Anyone else having these issues with the hot spot? I have installed the SIM card in my 6splus and hot spot seems to work fine on that phone.
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Re: No hot spot iPhone Xs max

Good morning. 


Yes, this is a known issue. We are working to get this resolved. 


I am sorry we are not able to provide you with a date for when that will 

be available. 


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