Apple Watch Cellular support

I know this was just answered in April on here, but things have changed.


Xfinity Mobile started offering this support with their mobile plans at the end of June.  Their plans are identical and use the Verizon network just like Spectrum does. They started selling the watches along with the announcement.


Is there a timeline for this being possible? I know Spectrum competes with Comcast in some markets. I'm sure that discussions have been had about this. It doesn't make sense NOT to offer the service.


I really like the idea of not having to bring my phone into the store , when I'm out for a walk, or many other situations. Just the thought of that freedom makes me want to get it today. 


Is  there a timeline? If it's not on the horizon I need to consider other carriers. 


Re: Apple Watch Cellular support

i have an S10 5G and they won't take my phone and it's a verizon phone. i am thinking it's the billing system is not setup to take wearibles let alone 5G devices. i have no idea why there not offering to take wearibles and 5G devices as i have 5G service at one of my homes!!!


even though (edited)  and spectrum compete against each other (edited)  helped spectrum launch there mobile service. funny how these big companies cut eachothers throats during the day and shake each others hand at night

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Re: Apple Watch Cellular support

There is currently no information available regarding when additional devices will be supported.  Any announcements regarding Spectrum Mobile will be posted on the website.