Tech support horrible

Having an issue viewing my cameras on my cell  wifi works fine data is the issue. I've been able to do it fine for the last 4 years. Tech support told me that my phone might not be able to handle viewing the camera and also suggested to turn the phone on and off. SERIOUSLY.......


Re: Tech support horrible

Bad ap?

If this is an intelligent home system, start a thread in that forum. Need more info.also


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Re: Tech support horrible

More than likely, the issue is not with data, its not with the cameras, the app or anything else...


Its the location of everything inside your home. I've troubleshot many issues where camera placement is poor regarding service to other parts of the home. Cameras are like any other wifi device, if they are too far away from the router they will be affected by poor service transmissions and will have issues communicating with the server.


I would highly suggest getting an IH technician out to take a look at where the cameras are located, and work with you to either install dedicated ethernet lines to several of the cameras or use EoP adapters to connect the ones having issues to the router directly.

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